All Fernando Echeverria products are guaranteed against defects for life and covered under warranty for wear and tear. Each pair of our shoes is handmade by a single master craftsman, ensuring individual attention is given to every product. It is natural for handmade leather products to require occasional care and/or maintenance, and variations in appearance and wear should be expected. Factors such as terrain, weight, and intended use may have an effect on how quickly a product wears. Sole replacement,  scratches, scuffs, water damage, and insole replacements occur with normal wear and are not considered defects.

All of our products are handmade using natural materials, this means that any of our products cant be exactly the same as another and they might have small imperfections which makes the products more unique and real.

As we use natural materials ( genuine leather ) it might have small imperfections natural in any type of skin, we make the best to choose the correct and nicer material for your order. 

Our products are hand painted with natural pigments and wax this might cause small differences in colors and textures from what you can see in our pictures. We make our best work to match it and send you a beautiful product. 

  • Shoes : Our shoes are designed and made for use in the city. Our shoes are not made for sports, intense use, industrial use, hiking or more recreational activities. The incorrect use of our shoes can cause damage to the shoes and voiding your warranty.
  • Is possible to exchange the shoes if the size is incorrect, in this case the customer will assume the cost of the shipping cost.
  • We can not make any refund if the shoes show any signal of use.
  • Bags : Our bags are designed to be used regularly but not intensively, this means that they were not designed to carry extra heavy objects/ sharpen objects  that could deform or break the body or the stripes and/or metal accessories.

Warranty time: 

  • Shoes : 1 year
  • Bags and accesories: 1 year

** All our shoes were made using traditional technologies of the shoe-making, giving the chance to be repaired by us or any qualified shoemaker. Our heels and soles are made from genuine leather ( krupon) and a rubber layer, parts that can be replaced with the time in order to give to the shoes a new life.

** Our products are made from natural leather and as any skin, they needs a correct hydration time to time in order to prolong its life and beauty. Please contact us and we will tell you the correct cream and specific recommendations according to your product.