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Nevíte co dát jako dárek svému příteli, kamarádovi nebo kolegovi z práce? Nebo je oslava dříve než stihneme zakázku vyrobit?

Tato dárková karta může být digitální na váš e-mail, můžete si ji vyzvednout v našem ateliéru nebo vám ji můžeme zaslat zdarma do České republiky.

  • Doba platnosti: 6 měsíce
  • Tento vaucher lze použít jako součást platby, pokud je hodnota produktu vyšší.
  • Tento dárkový certifikát nelze vyměnit za hotovost, pokud je hodnota produktu nižší.
  • Pokud dojde ke ztrátě, odcizení, zničení nebo použití dárkového poukazu bez povolení, bude za těchto okolností poskytnuta náhrada.
  • Tento dárkový certifikát nelze kombinovat s jinými vouchery a neplatí pro jiné propagační akce a nabídky.

Don't know what to give as a gift to your friend, colleague or work colleague? Or is the celebration before we have time to produce the order?
This gift card can be digital to your email , you can pick it up to our atelier or we can send it for free in Czech Republic.
  • Validity period: 6 months
  • This voucher can be used as part of a payment if the value of the product is higher.
  • This gift certificate cannot be exchanged for cash if the value of the product is lower.
  • If the gift voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission, compensation will be provided in these circumstances.
  • This gift certificate cannot be combined with other vouchers and does not apply to other promotions and offers.

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Made-to-order shoes in Prague


Learn how to make your own shoes or bag in Prague.

“Kožené boty s ekvádorským šmrncem.

 Mladý designér vzkřísil v Praze rodinnou tradici” Hospodářské Noviny.

“Leather shoes and bags with Ecuadorian roots. 

A young designer resurrected a family tradition in Prague”

“The Ecuadorian designer found inspiration in Moravian folklore and Czech Cubism. Sewing classic shoes is boring for me, says Fernando Echeverria” Czechdesign.

Family tradition since 1930:

My roots come from a town named Cotacachi, in the Andes of Ecuador. That small city in the middle of the mountains and lakes is specialized in leather crafts, a tradition brought from South of Spain. 
My father and grandfather were saddlers developing their unique techniques and following the tradition of leather crafters. 
For my parents, It was a surprise that I would not be a doctor or engineer but a designer specializing in leather. Leather is in my blood. 

Footwear as art :

Why do you use traditional shoemaking techniques?

It’s very important for me to revive shoemaking. Most shoemakers in Prague and Europe are great, they are craftsmen. But it is extremely difficult to change their minds.

They have a clear idea in their head of how a shoe can be made and what it should look like. Such a shoe is technically perfect. But as a designer, I need to innovate, discover new ways and break the rules. For others, I may be weird that I make weird shoes and I don’t follow the rules.

Copyright © 2024 Fernando Echeverria


Showroom & Shop :

Wednesday – Friday

13:00 – 19:00 


11:00 – 18:00

Atelier and Personal meeting : 

Under appointment




Smetanovo nábř. 334/4 first floor (SmetanaQ Showroom )

110 00 , Prague, Czech Republic. 


+420 777647925

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